Hello and Welcome to our May 2018 Issue. May is one of those months where we need to start thinking of so many important choices that we will be following up in the coming months. Like to do for Mother’s Day because I get to choose what we do for the whole day and its great fun. Some of our most difficult decisions need to be made around the month of May, like which school to send your children to in 2019/20. If you miss out on any open days you can call all schools and organise a time to take a tour and you can be sure they will all give you a warm welcome. Also do not forget to enter our amazing Competition. Do you want to win 1 of 3 photography packs worth over $2000, well if you do go to page 37 for all details. I hope you all have a great month and please enjoy reading our May 2018 issue. . .

Ani Ipradjian
Telephone: 0413 577 668

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