Hello and Welcome to our July 2018 Issue we wish all of you a great month ahead and I hope you enjoy reading our latest issue. This month we are Celebrating publishing 9 years of Your Child in Manningham Magazine. I still remember our first issue back in July 2009. In that time social Media sites like facebook and Instagram have taken over the internet , back then our phones were only good for calls and photos but today its like having a small office in your back pocket. On our very first Issue I put my son on the front cover and Sonny at that time had just started walking, talking and discovering the world. Years have now past and Sonny is 10yrs old so to honour our 9yrs in Manningham issue I put one of my favourite photos of him throwing a football when he was two years old. I am happy to say that we have such a great community in Manningham that support Your Child in Manningham magazine and they look forward to reading their local community magazine and this makes me so fulfilled and grateful. This month is all about school holidays and staying warm. The first two weeks of July are school holidays so get ready for 2 weeks of happiness, screaming, fun, laughter and much more. Keeping the kids busy through the holidays is not as simple as it sounds, I know as soon as I stop entertaining my son he reaches for the Ipad or the PS4 and that’s why I always try and plan all his activities for the break ahead of time. Here are some suggestions I hope you all have a great month and please enjoy reading our July 2018 issue. If you ever miss out on a copy of Your Child in Manningham you can read it online at www.yourchildinmanningham.com.au Also Make sure you like Your Child in Manningham on Facbook. Its a great way to stay in touch with your local community. . .

Ani Ipradjian
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