Merry Christmas, Welcome to the December/January edition of Your Child in Whittlesea magazine. I am sure you are all very busy with Christmas Parties and Christmas Day preparations by now. However, remember to take some time out for yourself and have a look at some of the great reading in this month’s magazine, included are some very useful tips to create an Aussie Christmas and Travelling Safe over the holidays. ‘Kids Corner’ has a nice Reindeer colouring in to do. If you’re looking for ‘What’s On’ in Whittlesea this month, we have you covered - events include the Doreen Community Carols, the City of Whittlesea’s Carols by Candlelight, Mill Park Library’s Christmas Extravaganza and the City of Whittlesea’s Australia Day Fire Works. To all our readers and their families, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year. e. .

Rachel Toal
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