Hello and welcome to our November 2018 issue. November is a great month of the year to step outdoors and enjoy its beautiful spring days , it is also a perfect time of the year to visit the many wonderful restaurants and cafes that Manningham has to offer and enjoy a meal with family or friends. In the month of November there are 2 fun filled festivals/fetes with stalls, rides, crafts, workshops and much more. On the 18th of November head down to Manningham Festival and on the 25th of November Milgate Primary School is also holding a fun filled Fete. So keep these two dun days in your diary. As you all know Christmas is just around the corner and every Christmas my son and I post a letter to Santa and drop it off at Tunstall Square. Would you like your children to attend Greek School? On the 14th of November come down to Nestoras College Open Day at Doncaster Secondary College and see what they have to offer. You can also enrol on the day or online. I hope you all enjoy reading the many wonderful articles in our November 2018 issue. If you have not done so yet please don't forget to LIKE US on facebook which is also a great way to keep in touch with local events and businesses. If you ever miss out on a copy of Your Child in Manningham you can read it online at www.yourchildinmanningham.com.au.

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