Hello and Welcome to our September 2017 Issue we wish you all have a great month and I hope you enjoy reading our latest issue. Finally Spring is here I can not wait for the weather to warm up I can see signs of the upcoming spring season. September does not only mean its football finals time but more importantly we celebrate Father's day which this year falls on Sunday the 3rd September. What a special day it is where we can spoil our husbands, dads and have a great family day with them. Happy Fathers Day to all and hope you all had an amazing day with family. Now this moth we have 2 amazing competitions do you want to win a family pass to The Royal Melbourne Show? or One of Five Décor Baby® Prize Packs? Well if you do all details on Page 33. Also Make sure you like Your Child in Manningham on Facbook. Its a great way to stay in touch with your local community. . .

Ani Ipradjian
Telephone: 0413 577 668

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