Welcome to our November issue. With Christmas and year end fast approaching, it’s a busy time of the year for most families as we start organising for the year end, and plan for the new year. The Power of 15 Minutes, an interesting read on setting aside 15 minutes out of our busy schedule to achieve our goals. The Joy of Giving is not all about the gift but the thought behind it. Parties with More Dash than Cash gives us some great tips on how to have a great party without the breaking the bank. This time of the year is also a good time to take a look at Why You Need a Will. Few more great articles not to be missed -Merino Wool is the Best Kept Baby Sleep Secret, The Downside of Pink Blue Divide, and ADHD vs Vision Problems. In this issue, we have 3 ‘Tickets for 4' to the Paris to Provence Festival to give away! To enter, simply go to our facebook or instagram @yourchildinboroondara for more details. More family fun day and festival this month on What’s On page 26 : Melbourne Cup on Trikes Family Fun Day (7 Nov), Twilight Fun Festival (10 Nov) and Craig Family Centre 60th Birthday Celebration (19 Nov). We hope you enjoy reading our November issue!

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