It’s almost a year since we launched Your Child in Boroondara and we are celebrating our 1st anniversary with 5% off bookings for new advertisers! As always, we bring you some great reads. Read about Questions All Parents Ask and Bullying - What Does It Mean? With winter here, An Orange A Day Keeps Colds Away and Help Stop The Spread of Nasty Germs This Winter. If you have a fussy eater, read Is Your Child On The White Diet? for some tips on how to overcome this. If your teen is learning to drive, Start Off Driving On The Right Path has some guidelines for you and your teen. In this issue of FIVE MINUTES WITH, we feature Think Smart Learning Centres in Camberwell, the established after school tuition providers since 2001. Dymocks Camberwell & Tooronga bring you 2 interesting book reviews for kids on page 25. We are excited to have the opportunity to bring you more fantastic local businesses. For professional family friendly services, check out Family Wellness Group, Willsmere Dental, Centre for Child and Family Development and Ashburton Eyecare. Book a free appointment with Aussie Ashburton for easy refinancing. If you are building or renovating your home, contact wholesaler PPM Stone and mention this ad for exclusive special pricing. If you are looking at educational options for your child, Ace Learning Centre, Brainworks Balwyn and Think Smart Learning Centres have established and successful tuition programs to help your child. Find out about the opportunities for your child at Ruyton Girls’ School Tour on 5 June or book one at Erasmus Primary or Belle Vue Primary. Having a birthday party soon? Have an unique one at Harmony Beads or Billy Lids Indoor Play Centre. Some fantastic offers in this issue - Billy Lids Indoor Play Centre 2 for 1 entry (page 15), Native Bliss 25% off hand sanitisers (page 19) and Windmills’ massive June sale (page 13).

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