Happy New Year and welcome back! We hope you had a lovely holiday season with family and friends. We have some great reads to start off the new school year. Check out 4 Steps To Reduce Starting School Anxiety, Wholesome Lunch Boxes and Eye Exams Before School. More tips in Rules, Routines And Rituals and Tears And Cheers. We also bring you our regular segments Ask A Vet With Dr Suze and Book Reviews by Dymocks Camberwell & Tooronga. The new year is a good time to look at new activities, educational programs and schools for your child. From music, dance and martial arts to school readiness programs, there are plenty of reputable options for you to consider. In this first 2019 issue, you will find many different awesome businesses so flip the pages and check them out. Shop local and support local businesses. Local businesses contribute to the success of our magazines by choosing us to connect with local families. If you found a service or product through Your Child in Boroondara, remember to mention us to let them know! If you run a business and would like to join other businesses to reach out to Boroondara families, contact us for more details. Clean Up Australia Day 2019 is here soon and whether you are a business, school or individual, you can make a difference. Register at www.cleanupaustralia.org.au. Coming soon on 6 March is the Boroondara Volunteer Expo which brings volunteers and community organisations together to fill voluntary roles. If you have a community event, we would be happy to promote this at no cost, in our continuous support for the local communities. We hope you had a great start to 2019 and hope you enjoy this first issue! Till next month! .

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